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Gourmet food

Release date :2017/07/31 17:04

Yu Jan Shin




In 1966, Cheng Ji-chen and his wife, the founders of Yu Jan Shin, were already at their middles when they decided…


Conquer the world with butter puffs!


In 1966, Cheng Ji-chen and his wife, the founders of Yu Jan Shin, were already at their middles when they decided to put everything in the traditional cake and pastry business, which was then still totally new for them. After they inquired for directions, they received several hints from Mazu of DaJia Jenn Lann Temple. They started the later legendary Ya Jan Shin cake and pastry shop in the alley next to the temple.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Yu Jan Shin|TaiwanDay

Small profit, large sales, reputation spreads

Yu Jan Shin’s butter puffs originated from Minnan’s traditional cakes. Minnan is one of the ethnic in southern China. The traditional traveled across the straits with the ancestors as it was an essential offering for religious festivals for Mazu as well as popular gifts for newly-weds. However, contemporary cake and pastry business neglected butter puff as it requires a complex procedure in making, and it was sold cheap. Most of the companies decided to go with other high-profit products and declined butter puff orders. Yu Jan Shin was among the few that took the butter puff orders. Although making money was tough, Yu Jan Shin had more orders and gradually built up their reputation for the best better puff shop.

Butter puffs are difficult to make. Even until now, machines can yet replace what butter puff masters can do with their hands. The puffiness of this traditional cake is extremely tricky, and it tests the skills of the masters. This explains why those who work at Yu Jan Shin are mostly elder masters with years of experiences who cannot be replaceable by temporary employees. The quantity of butter puffs made each day is extremely limited.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Yu Jan Shin|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Yu Jan Shin|TaiwanDay

Signboard polished brighter and newer with time

The filling of the butter puff is extremely important. The sugar paste is cooked with glutinous rice malt and high-quality sugar for 6 to 8 hours. It is guaranteed that within the expiration date, the sugar paste inside the butter puff has a bright and clear appearance, while the texture is chewy and soft. The skills for baking the puff cannot be neglected either. Only at the precise temperature can the pastry be baked to a beautiful puffiness.

Moreover, Yu Jan Shin’s taro cakes are also famous. They are crispy on the outside, while rich in taro are soft and chewy on the inside because of mocha in the filling. Its pineapple cake was awarded by Taichung City Government in 2010. The cake melts in the mouth as you take the first bite while a milky aroma spreads. The pineapple filling is rich and chewy – you can even taste the fiber, while the smell of fruits explodes above the tongue. A little sourness of the fruits brightens the snack and keeps it from being too sweet. This is another unforgettable flavor worth a try!

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-Yu Jan Shin

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Yu Jan Shin|TaiwanDay