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Privacy and Information Security Announcement

HOMEPrivacy and Information Security Announcement

Privacy and Information Security Announcement

Welcome to the Taiwan Visitors Association website!In order to guarantee your online privacy and allow you to safely use the various services provided to you on this website, we will first explain the information security and privacy protection policies of this website.

1.Collection and Usage of Personal Information

The “Privacy policy” of our association applies to the user information collected on this website and any other information provided to this website by the users.

Users do not need to enter any personal information when entering this website, but while users browse this website or use the search service function on the website, the server will automatically generate related records, including the users’ IP address use to access the website, the usage time, users’ browser, browsing and clicking data records etc. However, this information is only used for website traffic analysis and internet behavior researches in order to provide better services and further enhance the usage performance of the website, and used as reference for future website improvements. You can modify the acceptance level of Cookies for your browser in “Security” under “Internet Options” of the IE browser. You might not be able to use some of the personalized services or participate in some of the activities if you chose to reject all cookies.

In addition to the method described above, we will also save your communication record if you provided opinions or queried related business questions though E-mail, the “Feedback” function or the NCCC customer service center for business contact use. If you applied for authorized store related services through the “I want to apply for authorized store” or “New service application” functions, we will save your contact information for business contact use.

This association follows the specifications of the “Personal Information Protection Act” and guarantees user privacy interests, promising that the information will not be exposed to the public or used for other purposes. However, it is not bound to this limit when clear authorization was acquired from the user in advance, in accordance to related laws and regulations, in response to investigations by the judiciary, for the maintenance of social and public interests and for the safeguarding of the legitimate rights and interests of this website.

2.Protection measures for transferring personal information to third-parties or regions outside the country (territory)

The personal information collected on this website will not be transferred to third-parties or regions outside the country (territory) for processing by this association without user consent, unless required by law or central competent authorities. This association will use strict safety confidentiality guideless to keep such information.

3.Information Security and Protection

The server of this website is protected by a “firewall” to prevent illegal intrusion, tampering or stealing of information; the system itself is also monitored continuously in order to prevent accessing by unauthorized users.

4.Self-information Security Protection Measures

Please safeguard all of your personal information and do not provide it to any third-parties in order to protect your interests.
We also remind you that any personal information you exposed voluntarily on the Internet (such as forums, message boards and chatrooms etc.) can be collected and used by others, and you might receive E-mails provided by others actively.

5.Important Notice

When you enter and use this website, it is viewed as you have agreed to follow the “Terms of use” and other laws and regulations regarding copyright, trademark exclusive right, internet intellectual property right and privacy rights etc.

6.Privacy and Information Security Disclaimer

In order for this website to protect personal information of users and maintain network privacy, users can use the feedback function of this website to contact this association or call the customer service hotline of this association on any items related to this privacy and information security disclaimer or personal information; we will provide most complete explanations.