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Release date :2017/08/22 16:58

Sunflower Farm




The Sunflower Farm is a large recreational farm themed on the subject of traditional farm life. The park encompasses …


The Charm of Tranquil Farm Village

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunflower Farm|TaiwanDay

The Sunflower Farm is a large recreational farm themed on the subject of traditionalfarm life. The park encompasses nearly 3 hectares of open land, merging into the landscape of rustic nature and farm village. The sunflower fields and water lily pond

bloom vibrantly throughout the year and a series of activities are offered to fill your day with fun memories. Come and experience the all-time popular earth oven (or earth pit) cooking, eco-tour, DIY taro cake, color-painting fiddler crab, screwpine toys and handmade vegetable cake. After the fun DIY activities, you can opt for a leisure cruise over the lotus pond on a sampan boat or just chat away over a spread of afternoon tea delights. This is a perfect place for the adults to relive their childhood memories and for the children to experience the great outdoors.

A Relaxing Vacation with Friends

If you come with a group of friends, taking a leisure stroll along the ridges of the rice paddies, immersing in the tranquil landscape around the farm or admiring the gigantic wind turbines by the coast are highly recommended activities. If you come when sunflowers bloom, you will find yourself enchanted by the irresistible charm of sunflowers swaying in the wind, wondering whether you have just landed in Provence. Pergola, bridge, and sampan boats over the water lily pond paint an intriguing picture of tranquility.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunflower Farm|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunflower Farm|TaiwanDay

Visitors are free to row the sampan boat alongside the water lilies or play fisherman for a leisurely afternoon (fishing rods are available for rental). Of course, you should not miss the signature sunflower gourmet made from the sunflowers grown in the farm and activities designed especially for small groups, like the sunflower oil and exclusive sunflower dumpling DIY courses. You will take home not just a fully relaxed body and mind, but also a full load of sunflower delights.

Fun Local Experience for Group Events

For large groups with over 30 members, we have special packages for you – follow the local guide and experience the local life of Dajia for a day. Collect firewood, start a fire, dig the mud and bake your own eggs and yams in the earth oven. Mix piping hot sticky rice into sunflower juice, wrap the rice and radish threads into the hibiscus leaves you have just picked and steam the sunflower dumplings. Roll the taro stuffing into balls, wrap them with pastry skin and send your very own Dajia taro cakes to the oven. Wait! There is more. Paint a fiddler crab in your own color and style and follow the local guide to the coast – let’s meet the crabs and catch some of them. There are four packages for you to choose from. You can mix and match to fit the age group and preferences of your members. Any of the four packages will fill your day with fun memories and make you want to stay longer. Let’s get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and experience the fun of farm life for a day.

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-Sunflower Farm

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunflower Farm|TaiwanDay