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Touring Formosa

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Gourmet food

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The décor of the restaurant is of a traditional Japanese style with all utensils carefully handpicked by Ah De and brought…


The Komodo Sushi was founded by Master sushi chef Xu Jing De, also called Ah De master for short. Entering the profession at a ripe age of 18 years, he studied culinary skills in both Taiwan and Tokyo, and became one of the few Taiwanese sushi chefs to hold a fugu license. (The chef is required to have a fugu license as internal organs of the fish are highly toxic.)

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Paying attention to the display of the utensils

The décor of the restaurant is of a traditional Japanese style with all utensils carefully handpicked by Ah De and brought back from Japan. In authentic Kyoto cuisine, to present the true essence of Japanese flavor, the display and utensils are also of importance and cannot be carelessly placed. The first floor offers the option of a private dining space, which can be closed off with bamboo shutters, as well as an open dining area where diners can observe the open kitchen. If you only come in a small group of 2 or 3, then you may sit at the sushi bar and watch the master at work. The second floor is reserved for families or business gatherings.

The restaurant maintains the traditional essence of Japanese cuisine, setting it apart from the rest of Taiwan’s Japanese restaurants that focus on innovation.  Even the name itself is meaningful. “Zi”, meaning son, refers to the process of growth, while “Yuan” is the original flavor. “We hope that we can introduce the true essence of traditional Japanese cuisine to guests in Taiwan.” The most important thing about cooking is to fully understand each ingredient, especially Kyoto cuisine which uses the freshest seasonal ingredients to create and bring out the tonic essence of the dish.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Komodo Sushi|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Komodo Sushi|TaiwanDay

Fresh seafood straight from the seas of Japan

Appetizers include Japanese seaweed salad, mozuku seaweed in vinaigrette, three- ingredient skewer (Tamagoyaki, Konnyaku and shrimp). Soft and slimy, Ah De says the seaweed used in the salad is exclusive to Kyushu, found nowhere else. The five kinds of succulent and appetizing sashimi include tuna, amberjack, spot prawn, flatfish and Japanese mackerel.

The pan-fried red sea bream is often sought after by diners. This dish is followed by flatfish mushi (steamed), and mitten crabs in a gravy; when tasted, will have you realize the rigorous process put into the preparation. The sesame fugu karaage with its crispy batter and tender meat give it an interesting flavor. Fugu and sesame are both autumn seasoned ingredients. The most memorable part of the sushi is the neritic squid sushi, firm in texture, with just the right amount of wasabi and rice to devour in one bite. Then it is the salmon roe with urchin don, not of large amounts but guaranteeing you will be left satisfied. You will be astounded by the sweetness of the urchin and the explosion of flavors from the salmon roe.

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Komodo Sushi

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Komodo Sushi|TaiwanDay