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Release date :2017/11/10 10:33

Taitung Forest Park




The largest green space in Taitung city belongs to “Taitung Forest Park,” mainly covered in a dense beefwood forest…


Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Taitung Forest Park|TaiwanDay

An oasis in the city

The largest green space in Taitung city belongs to “Taitung Forest Park,” mainly covered in a dense beefwood forest. Beefwood used to be planted as a windbreak along Beinan Estuary Wetland. It has not been expected that the towering beefwood trees have become a lively forest over the years. After planning and adding public facilities, Taitung Forest Park becomes a favorite leisure place to Taitung citizens during holidays.

Biking through best spots

Due to the vastness of the land, if you want to visit the best spots in the forest park, the most efficient and quickest way is to ride a bike. At the present, the two entrances to the park both have a bike rental service. One is at the corner of a parking lot from Mahengheng Boulevard and the other is at the parking lot of Taitung Seashore Park entering from bypass road. A cost is not high, charging by numbers of use. There are not many artificial landscapes and all look lush and green. With these shady green trees, you are not afraid of the sun while biking through the park and here is a place for you cooling off.

Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Taitung Forest Park|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Taitung Forest Park|TaiwanDay

Seeing a lake view and enjoying the leisure

There are three lakes, Pipa Lake, Huoshui Lake and Yuanyang Lake within Forest Park.

Pipa Lake is a natural lake formed by underground streams of Beinan river, located on the way to Seashore Park and surrounded by the beefwood trees. With this beautiful scenery, while visiting Forest Park, you must come here for a walk. By sitting at a lakeside pavilion, watching slender branches swaying with the wind, looking at the blue sky, seeing a runner going by and a cyclist passing, all movement is inside stillness and stillness inside the movement. This is a simple journey dancing with nature.

Biking to the seaside and enjoy a sea view

Near Pipa lake, there is Huoshui Lake, the largest artificial lake of the three lakes in the park and it is an activity place for holding dragon boat race, Triathlon Race and other large-scale sports. Across dense forest to the seashore, a large installation, the Paposogan, erected in a seashore park integrates landscape and public art, which can overlook the Pacific Ocean from the second floor. In addition, it is equipped with a walking trail, a theater, a square, a natural spring, public art installations. This human-centered design in response to the Pacific Ocean, seems like a ship ready to sail and ready for an adventure!

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-Taitung Forest Park

Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Taitung Forest Park|TaiwanDay