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Touring Formosa

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Release date :2017/07/31 12:32



Sheng-Tong Day, Chairman of TAIWANDAY


Taiwan is also called Formosa, which means “beautiful” in Latin. Amazingly, there are 268 mountains over 3000-meter high in this majestic island...



Taiwan is also called Formosa, which means “beautiful” in Latin. Amazingly, there are 268 mountains over 3000-meter high in this majestic island. Comparatively, there is no any mountain like this in Australia and only 10 in Japan. Despite the fact that the United States is 266 times as big as Taiwan, there are just 34 mountains more over 3000-meter high. Numerous mountain chains with small and steep peaks finally create this fantastic yet unique island, Taiwan, where you should travel around at least one time in your life.


Taiwan owns abundant yet unique cultures. From those aboriginal people living in Taiwan since approximately 6,500 years ago, to those Dutch people in the Dutch Colonial Period, to people in the Qing Colonial Period, Japanese Colonial Period, and eventually some from China, they all bring their own cultures as well as traditions to Taiwan. Ultimately, for the sake of maintaining a sense of harmony, Taiwan becomes such a small island with colorful and confluent cultures.


From 1975 to 2015, there is a huge progress in Taiwan’s economic development; now the exportation rate is 51 times as high as before. In the past few years, Taiwan was once the number one country in making conventional industries exportation, one of the four biggest electronic product exportation countries all around the world, and one of the main investors in China electronics. This kind of economic miracle could be primarily regarded as the contribution of those small and medium enterprises, which could be the foundation of Taiwan’s economics and society.


With 1,520-kilometer long coastline, Taiwan owns 6 wonderful off-shore islands. In the period of Chinese Civil War, Kinmen and Matsu was used as main military bases. There are hundreds of mountains turned to be tunnels. The biggest one, Beihai Tunnel, could accommodate 120 boats, and the longest tunnel is even 1,800-meter long. Matsu is one of the four places all around the world that could savor the beauty of Sea of Stars. Penghu owns a large amount of basalt; the oldest one exists more than 18,000 thousand years. There are 700 kinds of carol all over the world; surprisingly, those off-shore islands in Taiwan, including Lamay Island, Lanyu, and Green Island, account for 80 percent. All these off-shore islands are doubtlessly awesome wonderlands for you to travel.

Sea of Stars in Matsu

Matsu Blue Tears 马祖蓝眼泪       penghu-geo-park-10        penghu-geo-park-14blue-tears-matsu       matsu-blue-tears-2       matsu-blue-tearsMatsu Blue Tears 马祖蓝眼泪       penghu-geo-park-13       Matsu Blue Tears 马祖蓝眼泪

Military Tunnel in Kinmen

beihai-tunnel-1       tunnel-2

Basalt in Penghu

Penghu-Geo-Park       penghu-geo-park-9       penghu-geo-park-5penghu-geo-park-3        penghu-geo-park-4       Penghu-Geo-Park Penghu-Geo-Park

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣