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Touring Formosa

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Release date :2017/09/05 18:01





As a scene of the commercial advertisement of Mr. Brown Coffee, the road named “Brown Avenue” gets more popular …


Green Road of Paradise


As a scene of the commercial advertisement of Mr. Brown Coffee, the road named “Brown Avenue” gets more popular after the EVA Air commercial, featured Takeshi Kaneshiro main character. Nowadays it becomes a must-see spot in Taitung.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Brown Avenue|TaiwanDay

Chihshang Bike Trail

How to make your trip more fun? We suggest to rent a bike, first stop starting from Dapochih of Chihshang Township. Dapochih is the most crucial source of irrigation water in Chichshang and it is sourced from underground streams of Shinwuliu River and overflowing water from other fields in irrigation. Afterwards, the water of the pond flows from outfall to the north as one of the sources of Xiuguluan River.


There is a bike path encircled Dapochih that you can cycle around the pond by the path and enjoy the tranquillity and mountain views reflected in the pond. In summer time many lotuses and water lilies in full blossom with various colors, you can also feel a cool breeze blowing by a relaxing bike ride, then cycling towards the south, seeing rice fields over and over again. That makes Taitung deserve to be called Rice Town. What a beautiful country view with egrets and water birds! About another 15 minutes riding, you will arrive a starting point of Brown Avenue.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Brown Avenue|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Brown Avenue|TaiwanDay

The four seasons have their own features

Brown Avenue, straightly situated in the rice fields, is an industrial road without any telegraph poles. This endless road seemingly goes on forever, as far as the mountains. Over a series of advertising of Mr. Brown coffee, from Shuqi Road of Jiufen, Zhongtun Windmill of Penghu island to Brown Avenue of Chihshang Township, Taiwan’s unique scenery is well presented. In addition, a slightly melancholy atmosphere in the videos also touches the audience’s heartstrings and that makes those scenes popular and well-known for years. With the alternation of the seasons, the scenery is also changing along Brown Avenue, in early spring mountains reflected in a rice field with seedlings, in summer lush rice growing like a reach of grassland, in autumn winds blowing through golden grains with rice waving. Such an idyllic beauty, how to get intoxicated!

A tree was made famous by a movie star

In Taiwan, we often planted a tree in the ridge, but it will be Pek Kong Temple if you are living in a Hakka village. Mostly it is for farmers to have a place to rest under theshadow of trees. In the EVA Air commercial video, Takeshi Kaneshiro sat under a tree to sip on a cup of tea and unlike those sneaking a break from busy work, he composed his mind to feel the changes of nature in the surrounding. It takes around 5 minutes to cycle to the “Takeshi Kaneshiro tree” from a picture frame landmark of Brown Avenue. If it comes to holidays, you should grasp the time because a lot of tourists are waiting to take photos! Back to the street, having a famous Chihshang lunch box makes this trip completed and satisfied, from heart to stomach!

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-Brown Avenue

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Brown Avenue|TaiwanDay