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Designed by Taiwanese architect Chris Yao, the appearance of the museum resembles the shapes of the mountains often seen in the northeast corner of Taiwan...



Lanyang Museum, Yilan Attractions

An ancient port since the Qing Dynasty, Lanyang Museum (LYM) was once a bustling transportation hub, where ships come in and out of the harbor every day, bringing daily necessities for the local residents. It was also a cultural highlight where customs were exchanged and communicated. Having been the center of culture and economy, it makes it extremely meaningful for LYM to be constructed here.

Designed by Taiwanese architect Chris Yao, the appearance of the museum resembles the shapes of the mountains often seen in the northeast corner of Taiwan. It demonstrates a harmonic combination of architecture and the nature.

The museum is the gateway for visitors to get to know Yilan, as exhibitions disclose the culture and history of the Lanyang plain. Documents passed down from local ancestors allow visitors the glimpse through the old times and the growth of Lanyang.

The four floors of the museum are distinguished by their interior designs, which had been styled with a different characteristic of the nature. The four floors are namely the floor of the mountains, floor of the plains, floor of the ocean and floor of time. Together they present the geographic environment and the culture of Yilan.

When you enter the museum, you will first meet the rain-drop lights which are designed to resemble the drizzling rain often seen in Yilan. Further on are rock specimens collected locally on display for visitors to look and touch. This interactive exhibition is aimed for visitors to be introduction to landscape, weather and other geographic characteristics of the county.

On the fourth floor, also known as the floor of the mountains, you will find yourself arriving in a forest-like area. It is the misty forests of Yilan. The climate and mountains of the county brings high humidity to the county, which in turn cultivates a diversity of eco-systems.

Lanyang Museum, Yilan Attractions
Lanyang Museum, Yilan Attractions

Representation of Nature And Culture

Coming down to third floor is the floor of the plains. The exhibition focuses on while the rivers influence local society, the ways of living and its economy. Farm, terraces, seeds, and harvested rice can all be seen here.

On the second floor, which would be the floor of ocean, is designed with the concept of the convergence of the rivers and the sea. Installation arts in the appearance of flying fish and waterfowl bring vividness to exhibition.

Unlike other traditional museums aimed to preserve antique collections, Lanyang museum is built on the concept of ecology. It sees the entire county as the true museum, and LYM is only just the core heart of the full representation. It is aimed to lay in harmony with the nature and the people. Moreover, it is the gateway for visitors to grasp the fundamental idea and vision of the county and its people. This is where visitors start before they indulge deep into the alleys and homes of this beloved land.

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-【YILAN】LANYANG MUSEUM

Lanyang Museum, Yilan Attractions