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Release date :2017/11/10 10:41

Sazasa Forest Museum




A Sazasa tribe is located in the confluence of Beinan river in Luye township and Luye river. Overlooking…


Unlike other regular trips, let’s enjoy nature!

Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Sazasa Forest Museum |TaiwanDay

Protect indigenous tribes

A Sazasa tribe is located in the confluence of Beinan river in Luye township and Luye river. Overlooking from the hillside of the tribe, Luye Gaotai, Longtien Village and a sandbank for the confluence of two rivers can entirely come into view. Sazasa Forest Museum is just established in the depths of plum garden, with primeval giant banyan trees.

Unlike other regular trips, let’s enjoy nature!

There is no established form of museum building itself, not even a farm or a tourist spot. It is difficult to describe Forest Museum with a simple word. No matter adults or children, people in all languages and nationalities can feel simply happy here and it will exceed your expectations of having fun like this in the forest.

The whole activity is arranged by museum director, Aliman. 50 people in a tour with and maximum is 2 to 3 tours per day. The execution of entry permit is to protect precious forests of the tribe. Visitors will gather at Sazasa police office station to have an introduction to the origin and attentions of Forest Museum and will depart for Forest Museum afterwards. Because a tour bus can only access to Sazasa police office, visitors will be transferred to a nine-seat van to the entrance of Forest Museum. A visitor can also take a ride in Aliman’s small truck and he often makes fun of his car by calling his Ferrari. For the rest of people who drive by yourselves, you can follow him all the way up the mountains.

Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Sazasa Forest Museum |TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Sazasa Forest Museum |TaiwanDay

The most popular tour is a one-day trip to “Forest Museum Eco-Cultural Experience Tour,” lunch included, from having “The Walking Trees” to welcome at the entrance, to interesting activities of the worship of ancestors and the mountains, climbing ecological corridor, enjoying Bunun-style meals, planting trees, pounding Mochi. Particularly, the ecological corridor is extremely breathtaking and sometimes you may need to work together with your partner to overcome obstacles, and that makes it a favorite activity. The museum has been tried hard to reserve its nature like a scene from the film “Avatar.” Due to its novelty and adventures, Forest Museum makes a memorable impression on people.

Make an effort to protect giant banyan trees

A Sazasa tribe is located in mountainous Dulan. The Bununs called Luanshan “Sazasa,” means “a place where sugar canes grow tall, animals jump about, and people live well.” Nine years ago a tycoon was interested in buying this primeval giant banyan trees area above the tribe for building columbaria and resorts. Since Aliman does not want stories of “The Walking Trees” told by their elders when he was little to disappear, he tried hard to raise money to purchase the land to rescue the most precious resources of the tribe, and he established the Indigenous Community Reconstruction Cultural and Educational Foundation. Based on mutual benefit mechanism to the tribe, the protection of precious giant banyan trees has begun to proceed systematically. It is also opened to tourists to visit and experience in order to raise funds for maintenance works.

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-Sazasa Forest Museum

Taiwan Travel:Attracton - Sazasa Forest Museum |TaiwanDay