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Touring Formosa

HOMETouring FormosaSpecial Introduction

Special Introduction

Release date :2017/04/18 11:40





A large warning poster printed, “Beware of the Kuma!” (Taiwanese black bear, Japanese: Kuma) is plastered on the…


Strangers keep out!


A large warning poster printed, “Beware of the Kuma!” (Taiwanese black bear, Japanese: Kuma) is plastered on the bulletin board.

Taiwan Travel:Attraction - Xitou Monster Village|TaiwanDay

Red lanterns hang on every doorstep and strange shadows lurk on the grass roof of the buildings. These features make people feel as if they have stumbled into a mysterious village somewhere deep in the mountains of Japan. That is, until you come across, “Song Ling Ding” or the more common, “Monster village” written on a gigantic red torii.

After being mesmerized by the very Japanese monster village, you will find humor and creativity with elements of Taiwanese lifestyle when you cross the torii that divides the humans and the deities. Things such as, “Beng Sao Tong” written on a garbage can, a stall with a sign that reads, “Omama Yaoguai Bao,” a monster sitting on the roof reading a newspaper, and various ingenious designs and slogans will put a grin on people’s faces. Venture in and you will see a large good luck drum with many Telekinesis Monster Band-Aids hanging next to it. Visitors can write their amusing prayers or blessings on the back of these Band-Aids.

Taiwan Travel:Attraction - Xitou Monster Village|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Attraction - Xitou Monster Village|TaiwanDay

Line up for a tasty treat of Biting Nettle Bun

If you are lucky, you may even come across a few monsters taking a stroll in the village, or watch a drumming ceremony in this invigorating place. For a tasty morsel, line up for, “Biting Nettle Buns”; each bun filled with oozing melted cheese and chicken, decorated with an intimidating biting nettle. As the cooking process takes time, the bread is only offered fresh out of the oven at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm each day and is in high demand by all visitors. The recently constructed second monster village, “Songling Er Ding” takes after the design of the original monster village. However, now there is even more variety in shopping, and the additional features of an elevated corridor and raised platforms letting you enjoy the fresh air of the forest from up above, as well as drink coffee, sip tea, listen to music and watch performances. Various events are also hosted during special occasions and weekends.

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