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It is the only offshore coral island of Taiwan. Its tourism is prosperous, and being out of reach of the northeast monsoon, it is fit for travel all year long... more


Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakes is a small eatery located inside an arcade on Xinxing Road. The business has been carried … more

The Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei

Taiwan is gourmet kingdom that cuisine is deeply rooted in Taiwanese culture and it is what folks take pride in. Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei aims to build an international hotel to provide a luxurious accommodation and fine dining environment... more

Taiwanese cooking studio aims to transform local eating culture

During an interview with the Taiwan Visitors Association at Fun Cooking's Bellavita studio near Taipei City Hall, head cooking instructor Vincent Chou, who formerly worked in several Italian restaurants here, prepares a vegetarian risotto dish speedily... more


Built among the fields in Yilan, Open Yourself is a place taking care of people’s hearts. The founder of Open Yourself, Zhi De, said she is willing to share an easy, comfortable and tranquil spiritual feast with more people... more


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