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Touring Formosa

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Gourmet food

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Don’t feel confused after you turn into Xiantangping Lane from Wanxian Street. You probably would question if …


The place to tuck in a good meal in the mountains

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Xiantangji Restaurant|TaiwanDay

The Power Couple Behind the Yummy Dishes

Don’t feel confused after you turn into Xiantangping Lane from Wanxian Street. You probably would question if there really is a restaurant here among the residential houses, but you are on the right track. Keep on going up the hill, and at the end of the lane, you will finally find Xiantangji Restaurant tucked away behind the trees. Actually, the restaurant is not as secretive as it initially seems, as it is always packed with patrons and foodies who come to enjoy a good meal.

The dining area is mainly decorated with bamboo and wood, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding greenery and natural scenery. There are delightful sights everywhere. Pick a seat beside the wooden-frame windows and eat while you appreciate the lush mountain view from the restaurant. You may even see Shigang Dam area from here.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Xiantangji Restaurant|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Xiantangji Restaurant|TaiwanDay

The couple who runs this restaurant is the perfect team: one has the most sensitive taste buds, and the other is a natural chef. Together they opened this wonderful delight in the woods so that their foodie friends would have a place to satisfy their cravings. Xiantangji Restaurant serves unique house specialties which change with the seasons. Their braised duck, braised bamboo shoots and dry-fried pig liver are dishes that you cannot miss.

Because of their ideal meat texture and flavor, only female muscovy ducks are used to make Xiantangji’s famous braised duck. The duck is slowly braised for more than four hours with lots of ginger, and some salt and water until the fat has completely melted into the meat. The duck, which needs no more seasoning, is so tender that you can easily pick the meat from the bones when it is served. The meat is tender and flavourful, and the juices of the dish is the best sauce for rice. Be prepared to down more than one bowl of rice!

Data Source: 跟著董事長遊台灣-Xiantangji Restaurant

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Xiantangji Restaurant|TaiwanDay